Subject: Good Alternative

When I saw your double division method, I was very hestitant. I've dreaded teaching my 6th graders long division the past five years because it is usually a painful process. They learn bits and pieces in 4th and 5th but there seemed to be a huge jump that I feel that most of my class really and truly gets. After two review lessons on it, I taught my class the double division method and I found myself checking work where there were more right answers than wrong! Even the kids who are still struggling with double-digit division were really excited about this method and tended to go through this problem with fewer errors (although their parents were bewildered by the method) although three of my students have chosen not to use this method because it was "more work". I think this method will make into my teaching practice regularly even though I must teach the traditional algorithm.

Originally posted on October 11, 2005: