Subject: Double Double Division Comment

Thanks for putting this information on the web! On October 4th, I started teaching division to a small group of lower performing fifth grade students. On Sunday night, I was so down-hearted about the idea of teaching it again on Monday morning that I Googled “How do I teach long division?” Thankfully, your site popped up. Three days later my group was able to divided 5 digit numbers by a 2 digit divisor. Wow! I’m thrilled! They’re thrilled!

Some students have commented:

  • This is actually fun!
  • This is easy because I have a toolbox!  (this is what we call the X facts.)
  • Can I come to Saturday school to do this again?
  • Can I show ________ (insert anyone’s name) how to do this?

    I have bragged about this method and my kids’ progress to anyone who will listen. Thank you.

    Intermediate Intervention Teacher

  • Emailed to me on November 2, 2006: